• What does my child do in music class?

    • Sing songs from cultures all around the world
    • Play instruments
    • Read and notate music
    • Improvise melodies, accompaniments, and variations
    • Compose and arrange music
    • Listen, describe, and analyze music
    • Evaluate music and musical performances
    • Make connections between music and other subjects
    • Understand music as it relates to history


    What are the benefits of music education?

    • increases tracking and reading fluency
    • develops the part of the brain that processes language
    • increases pattern recognition
    • incorporates fractions
    • improves memory
    • aid in hand-eye coordination
    • teaches perseverance and confidence
    • heightened mental processing and problem-solving
    • requires teamwork
    • the social aspect of the music classroom naturally provides opportunities for students to engage in Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


  • Michael Horton