Welcome to the WBE Choir

  • Choir Club Purpose

    The purpose of the WBE Choir Club program is to provide students with a musically and socially engaging experience. Musically, students will learn proper singing techniques and age-appropriate repertoire while also developing as a musician. Choir members will have opportunities to perform here at school as well as potential presenting opportunities in the district. Socially, students will have opportunities to build stronger friendships with peers.



    The objectives of the Burton Elementary Choir shall be to:


    1. Learn how to properly care for our voices.
    2. Use our voices properly to sing advanced songs.
    3. Work together as a group to create harmonies and a full choir sound.
    4. Enhance cooperation and teamwork skills.
    5. Increase self-esteem and confidence by performing regularly.
    6. Make connections between music and other subjects.
    7. Learn about music from other cultures.
    8. Strive for good character and academic excellence.