• No Place for Hate

  • Oakland is proud to announce that we are a No Place for Hate (Anti-Defamation League)  Campus!


    We are committed in making our school a safe place to learn with a school wide culture that values all students, staff, and community members.


    As a No Place for Hate Campus we take pride in:

    • Empowering students, faculty, administration and family members to take a stand against hate and bullying by incorporating new and existing programs under one powerful message. Building each student with a vision to inspire and equip students with a future beyond what they could imagine.


    • Building an inclusive and safe community in which all students feel  respected and part of our school-wide community.


    • Engaging our school and community  campus-wide anti-bias activities and events.


    • Implementing our district wide vision of a “profile of a graduate” that sends a  clear unified message that we stand against hate and are building great citizens for the future!

    Oakland’s No Place for Hate Activities!


    Here our students at Oakland are signing the Resolution of Respect!  We pledge to respect others and their differences.

     signing 2          




    Oakland is giving Bullying the sock, with Sock it to Bullying!


    Haas and Hummel


    We also celebrated, be a buddy-Moo've over bullies!


    Sophia and Riley