Teacher Information

Phone: (281) 327-6721


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

Mrs. Vo

I did my student teaching here at Oakland Elementary and I was a substitute here at Fort Bend ISD. I have been fortunate and blessed to be co-teaching alongside an amazing teacher that never fails to put a smile on my face. I earned my certificate to teach EC-8, gifted and talented, special education, and ESL. I am thankful for the opportunity to work in a nurturing, loving environment where children can learn and experience new challenges that will help build their confidence while they play. I look forward to continued success and new discoveries with an amazing team of teachers at Oakland Elementary. I look forward to many more years of teaching the brilliant students at Oakland Elementary.

Teacher Schedule

  • 8:10-8:15                 Exercise/Announcement

    8:15-9:00                 Science I

    9:00-9:45                 Outclass

    9:45 -9:50                Restroom

    9:50-10:40               Math I

    10:40-11:05             Enrichment

    11:05-11:40             Math I Continued

    11:40-11:55             Health

    11:55-12:00             Switch

    12:00-12:30             Math II

    12:30-1:00              Recess

    1:00-1:30                Lunch

    1:30-2:25                Math II Continued

    2:25-3:10                Science          

    3:10-3:25                Health

    Conferences are available upon request at 7:30am or 4pm  

Teacher Tutorial Schedule

  • By invitation only.