• NEW SCE Traffic Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

    As we kick off a great year at Sienna Crossing, it is important that we review and refine our traffic patterns and procedures.   Each day we welcome and dismiss over 1,000 students.  Therefore, it is imperative that we work together and abide by all procedures to ensure our student, staff and parent safety.  In order to provide safe traffic conditions and ensure the safety of our students both inside and outside of the campus, we are asking that you review and follow these guidelines.  


    1. Gator Express
    2. Back Car Riders- PM pickup
    3. Walkers/Bikers (parents will meet their children at the designated areas . See stars on map

    Car Riders  (Please use the car rider line for all drop off and pick-ups).

    Parents are not allowed to walk up to the car rider lines to retrieve their child. This is an unsafe practice and we are unable to verify emergency contact information.

     All front car riders are dropped off in the first car rider lane closest to the school.  We have six individuals who are there to open car doors in order to speed up the flow of traffic.

    All back car riders are dropped off at the back of the school as indicated on the map.

    Here are a few reminders:

    • Pull all the way up to the drop off signs/colors to avoid large gaps in traffic. This will keep the lines moving quickly. 
    • Please remain in your car. A duty person will assist your child in getting out.
    • Please have your child ready to go so that they can exit the vehicle without delay.
    • Do not drop off your child in the front parking lot or side streets. There is not an adult on duty to assist them in crossing over the traffic.
    • Do not park in the front parking or use side streets to have your child cross through the car rider traffic. This is both an unsafe practice and it slows down traffic flow in the car rider line.
    • If you would like your child to become a car rider, we can update their dismissal procedure. This is much safer for our students, and it will assist in resolving the issue for residents.  
    • Students should not arrive on campus prior to 7:30 a.m., unless they are attending Extended Learning, or a scheduled event. There is no staff supervision prior to 7:30.

    Car Rider Traffic Patterns:  Please use this map as a reminder for pick up and drop off procedures.

    • If you are approaching SCE from the WEST(coming from Sienna Parkway), you are to drop off/pick-up using the front drive following the arrows on the above map.
    • If approaching SCE from the EAST(coming from Mckeever/airport) to drop/pick-up you will go to the back of the school following the arrows on the map above.
    • Front Drive pick-up/drop off - please remember to stay on Steep Bank Trace and not cut through the neighborhood. This procedure is in place to keep all students safe when crossing streets. As you exit the front drive, please turn right and exit using Bellinger Way…turning right prevents a traffic jam in the crossing area (Bailey Ln/Steep Bank Trace) and allows students to cross safely.
    • Back Drive pick-up and drop off please remember as you leave the school you must turn LEFT or go straight during school zone hours.
    • Bikers/Walkers – ALL parents must remain at the designated locations starred in yellow and allow staff members to bring students to crossing areas or designated location. Please do not walk up to the campus and pull students from the lines.
    • Gator Express pick up will be designated for the left lane under the pavilion. No other vehicles will be allowed to pass through this area during dismissal time. Gator Express is an auction item awarded to the highest bidders during our Gatorpalooza Fundraiser.

    Bikers/ Walkers

    Bikers and Walkers are students who are dismissed from the campus grounds by a staff member to walk or bike home.  For increased safety, students will be released to walk home at the designated areas and crossed by a staff member or the crossing guard.   We ask that parents not walk up to the campus and pull students from the walker/ biker lines, as teachers are dismissing them.  This is unsafe practice and we are unable to verify emergency contact information.     All students will be dismissed as a group in an orderly fashion.  Once students have been released by staff, parents may meet their child at the designated areas. (Please see the  starred  areas on the map for meeting locations).   

    If your child is not allowed to walk home by themselves, please make sure they are partnered with a buddy or a parent guide.   Kindergarten and 1st grade students are encouraged to have walking partners or adult guidance.  

    Reminder Notes:

    • Biker/Walker parents will meet their child at the designated meeting areas. Teachers will monitor biker/walker lines and release at the marked locations.
    • Car riders will not be released from parents walking up to the campus to pull from car rider lines. The front parking lot will not be accessible during dismissal. 

    SCE Traffic Flow