• Musical Performances  
    5th Grade Performance - date TBA
    4th Grade Performance - date TBA
    3rd Grade Performance - date TBA
    2nd Grade Performance - date TBA
    1st Grade Performance - date TBA
    Kindergarten Performance -  date TBA
    Meadows’ Memories in the Park - date TBA
    In music class, your student will be using an interactive music program called Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music™I’ll be showing some Quaver episodes as part of my lessons on elements of Music Theory, Instruments and Ensembles, Composers and Music History, and Music Styles. Quaver’s World is part Bill Nye the Science GuyBeakman, and Monty Python rolled into one, and kids (and teachers) love it!  We will also be using QuaverMusic.com, an interactive website that extends the student’s ability to explore and create music beyond the classroom.  Please create an account for your student so they can access their own account both here at school and at home.