• Safety Patrol helps out in the morning opening car doors for the kids as they arrive to school.
  • Safety Patrol students are selected at the start of each school year. 

    The expectations for students selected for Safety Patrol include the following:
    1. Must follow all school rules and policies.
    2. Demonstrate self-control.
    3. Show responsibility.
    4. Have good organization skills.
    5. Show leadership abilities.
    6. Work well with others.
    7. Be punctual.
    8. Be current on projects, assignments and homework.
    9. Recommended by teachers.
    10. No office referrals. 

    If at any time during the year a student does not meet these expectations, he or she will be dismissed from their duty. 
    Due to the nature of these activities and the level of responsibility and visibility the students will have on our campus, any Meadows Elementary staff member may report discipline issues involving the students during their participation in the extracurricular activities.

    The Safety Patrol schedule repeats every 4 weeks.


    January 3-6: Team B
    January 9-13: Team C
    January 17-20: Team D
    January 23-27: Team A
    January 30-February 3: Team B

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