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Sienna Crossing Elementary Choir Contract

  • Expectations of choir members:

    --Attend all rehearsals and performances. You may have no more than 3 absences or tardies. This includes absences due to sickness. Being present at all rehearsals and performances benefits the group – so it is very important to do your part!

    --Be picked up promptly at 4:25 pm. 

    --Bring an excuse note signed by a parent if a rehearsal is missed (if you were absent from school, you do NOT have to provide a separate letter).

    --Maintain grades above a 70 in all classes. Turn in all work in a timely manner. Maintain an E or an S in conduct. An office referral results in dismissal. Because the choir represents our school to the community, grades and good conduct are of utmost importance.

    In addition, choir members are expected to follow all school and choir rules:

    --Be in your assigned choir spot, sitting quietly and ready to begin at 3:25.
    This means you must walk to the cafeteria quickly and quietly, place your backpack on the tables, and sign in and be seated quietly in your assigned riser spot.

    --Keep hands, feet, and all objects (props, sheet music) to yourself.

    -- No teasing, put downs, or inappropriate language.

    -- Follow all directions given by staff.

    *** If a student fails to follow the school and choir rules, the following behavior plan will be followed:
    The student will be warned, and must move from the risers to the gym floor. A letter will be sent home, and must be signed by a parent, and returned the following day.
    If a student collects 2 discipline letters, they will no longer be able to participate in choir.


  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact either Ms. Mize or Mr. Hall. Be advised that neither teacher can answer their phones during school hours, but they will return your call at their earliest convience. 

     Hannah Mize

    Hannah Mize

    Phone: (281) 634-6063

    Email: Hannah.Mize@fortbendisd.com

     Benjamin Hall

    Benjamin Hall 

    Phone: (281) 327-0335

    Email: Samuel.Hall@fortbendisd.com