• Requests for transcripts are required to be put in Schoolinks.com.

    To access SchooLinks, create an account using this district-specific link:

    The first time you request transcripts, you will need to take a picture of yourself holding your driver's license, so that we know it is you.

    Official transcripts are forwarded directly to the College or University. 

    Please ask any questions to Schoolinks in the little quote box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and if you still need assistance, please email Ms. Mary Esah, the Registrar Assistant at  Mary.EsahTake@fortbendisd.com .


    In your email please include:

    1.   Your name and address, also telephone number

    2.   A scanned copy of your driver's license or other photo ID

    3.  The year you graduated

    4.  The name and address and email address for admissions, of the College or University you would like the transcript forwarded to.

    Parent/Guardians, please know that due to Privacy Regulations we cannot provide you with any information on your student once they reach 18 years of age AND have graduated.  All requests for documentation and/or information (including transcripts) need to have the student's written permission including a photo ID.

    All emails need something in the SUBJECT field of the email or it will not be delivered.  Please use "Transcript request" in the subject line.