We look forward to welcoming your student and your family to Marshall.

    Please begin the registration process by completing the Online Enrollment Application found on the Fort Bend ISD website, Online Enrollment Application.

    You will be required to set up an account, and you will receive an email to set up a password.

    • Please write down your login and password.
      • This is also how you will see your student's transcript, grades, attendance, report cards, teacher comments, assignments, etc.
      • At the beginning of each year you need to "verify" your student's enrollment and approve use of technology, change email addresses, phone numbers and emergency pick-up people.

    Once this application is complete, we will send you an email with the documents we need:

    • Parent's ID
    • Current water or gas or electric bill in parent's name
    • Current lease or deed or mortgage statement or property tax bill in parent's name
    • Student's birth certificate
    • Student's immunizations
    • Student's 8th grade report card showing promotion to 9th grade (if enrolling in 9th grade)
    • Student's transcript or academic records

    If you do not have a lease in your name, you may require Dual Residency paperwork and if you are not on the student's birth certificate you may need Power of Attorney paperwork.  Please ask so that we can provide the relevant paperwork.  This paperwork is required to be renewed at the beginning of every school year.

    Students cannot be absent on the first day of school by Texas Education Agency ruling; your student will need to be enrolled before 10.30 am to start that day.


    The Registrar’s office handles:

    Enrollment / Withdrawals

    Verification of Enrollment (VOE) paperwork for driver's license permits

    Social Security paperwork

    Child Support paperwork

    Other documentation and records requests




    Home Campus

    Fort Bend ISD requires that all students go to their home campus unless they have an approved transfer from Student Affairs or are part of the Early College Program.

    Please use the infofinder link below to verify your home campus. You will be asked to enter your address, zip code and your student's grade level, and your zoned school will appear.


    If you have a new home on a newly developed street or any other questions, you are welcome to call Transportation on 281-634-4077.


Contact Us

  • Registrar

    Linda Jeffs

    Ph:   (281) 634-6660

    Fax: (281) 327-6660

    Email: Linda.Jeffs@fortbendisd.com


    Assistant Registrar

    Mary J. Esah Take

    Ph:   (281) 634-6661

    Fax: (281) 327-6661

    Email: Mary.EsahTake@fortbendisd.com