• Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

    The acronym Verification of Enrollment (VOE) is used for several scenarios …


    Verification of Enrollment (VOE) to get a Driver’s License

    Verification of Enrollment (VOE) from another school requesting confirmation of a student’s enrollment

    Verification of Enrollment (VOE) required for Child Support or Social Security


    Please email the Registrar, Linda.Jeffs@fortbendisd.com with your student’s name and what paperwork you are needing.


    Please always allow 2 business days


    For a Driver’s License, your student’s attendance will be checked for the previously completed semester.

    Texas Education Agency requires 90% attendance to meet attendance standards.  This 90% refers to days or part days absence.

    VOE’s are only provided for students who meet the attendance requirements.

    If your student is denied a VOE due to attendance, you would wait until the end of the current semester and apply again. 

    If your student's VOE is denied due to excessive absences, your student needs to speak with the Registrar and go on the list of needing 30 days of good attendance.  At the end of the 30 days the student can check back and if there are no more than 3 days or part days absences (10%) and no excessive number of periods marked tardy, the student can get a VOE.

    Absence from one period equals 1 day or part day when adding up absences.

    If you have any questions, please call Linda Jeffs at 281-634-6660 or email Linda.Jeffs@fortbendisd.com.