• Withdrawing your student  

    Withdrawal Process:

    End of School Year

    If your student will not return for the next school year, please let the Registrar know - Linda.Jeffs@fortbendisd.com or call 281-634-6660.

    Please ensure you return your student's laptop and recharger cord to avoid a charge of $650.


    For withdrawals after the first day of school:

    Email Ms. Esah Take (Assistant Registrar) at Mary.EsahTake@fortbendisd.com
    Include your student's name / your driver's license / and the school your student will be attending
    We will require you to complete an Intent to Withdraw form
    We will provide withdrawal paperwork with a transcript for the new school.
    Please ensure your student's laptop and charger are returned or make a payment of $650.00.
    If your student has an internet hotspot that also needs to be returned.

    Intent to Withdrawn form