• Discipline

    Campus Discipline Person(s)

    The campus discipline person(s) on each campus shall be the administrative personnel (i.e., principal, associate/assistant principal(s), and dean of instruction as assigned).

    Administrative duties shall include the authority to:

    1. Assess and implement the DMP and SCC

    2. Conduct disciplinary investigations, conferences, and hearings

    3. Remove a student from campus for compelling non-disciplinary reasons or pending a hearing

    4. Refer students to school-community guidance centers, if available

    5. Remove students to disciplinary alternative education programs

    6. Suspend a student for not more than three consecutive school days as a disciplinary action

    7. Expel a student as required by law to the JJAEP or due to a discretionary Level IV SCC violation to MR Wood’s DAEP Expulsion Program

    Students Rights and Responsibilities

    All students are entitled to enjoy the basic rights of citizenship recognized and protected by law for persons of their age and maturity.

    District schools shall foster a climate of mutual respect for the rights of others. Each student is expected to respect the rights and privileges of all students, teachers, and other district personnel. Students shall exercise their rights responsibly and in compliance with rules established for the orderly conduct of the district's educational mission.

    The District's rules of conduct and discipline are established to achieve and maintain order in the school. Students who violate the rights of others or who violate district or school rules shall be subject to disciplinary measures designed to correct the misconduct and to promote adherence by all students to the responsibilities of citizens in the school community.

    Each student is expected to:

    • Demonstrate courtesy and respect for others
    • Behave in a responsible manner
    • Attend scheduled classes regularly and on time
    • Prepare for each scheduled class by taking appropriate materials and assignments to class
    • Be in compliance with the District’s dress and grooming policy 
    • Obey all established campus and classroom rules
    • Respect the rights and privileges of other students and of teachers as well as other district staff
    • Respect the property of others, including district property and facilities
    • Cooperate with or assist the school in maintaining safety, order, and discipline
    • Comply with all guidelines noted within the SCC (School Code of Conduct)

    Source: FBISD District Management Plan