Visitor Guidelines

  • Guidelines for Before/ After School Visits

    • Before school, teachers are preparing for instruction or monitoring students, or providing small group interventions. If you need to speak with a teacher the front office will contact the teacher to see if they are available to speak with you before they begin instruction. If they are not able to speak to you before school begins then you can schedule an appointment with the teacher by leaving a message with the front office or emailing the teacher directly. 

    Guidelines for Classroom Visits

    • Parents and adults are always welcome to visit Rosa Parks Elementary.
    • All visitors must present a valid drivers license or ID at the front desk to obtain a visitor pass which must be worn at all times.
    • During the instructional day, children not enrolled at Rosa Parks are NOT permitted to visit classes in the classrooms, library or any other class area.
    • Visits to individual classrooms during the instructional day are permitted with an administrator’s approval AND must be scheduled with the teacher. Please keep in mind that the frequency and duration of the visit(s) must not interfere with instruction or disrupt the normal school environment.
    • Visits to classrooms should be limited to 30 minutes and guests must be accompanied by an administrator or staff member unless alternative arrangements with the classroom teacher have been made.
    • While visiting, adults should sit in the back of the classroom and should not talk to or distract the students or the instructional process.
    • If you would like to speak to the teacher concerning your child’s academic and/or behavioral performance in class you must schedule a conference with the teacher. 
    • The teachers and staff members at Rosa Parks are here to work with you and your child. Please maintain a level of respect and professionalism when meeting with teachers and staff members.

    Guidelines for Volunteers

    • Volunteers are always welcome at Rosa Parks Elementary. You must complete the required background check before you can volunteer in school. 
    • All volunteers must sign-in and let the office staff know you are here to volunteer. They will sign you in as a volunteer and you will receive credit towards your volunteer hours.
    • You must wear your visitors or VIP badge at all times.
    • If you are volunteering and you bring a child you must stay in the parent volunteer area. Please remember during the instructional day children not enrolled at Rosa Parks are NOT permitted to visit classes in the classrooms, library or any other class area.
    • Please do not use this opportunity to check on your child or conference with the classroom teacher during instruction. 
    • When you finish volunteering for the day make sure you sign out at the front office. Return your visitor’s or VIP badge to the receiptionist. All visitors must exit through the main office area. 

    Parenting Classes

    • During parenting classes you are welcome to bring your small children. Child care may not be provided, please monitor your children. Distict meetings or parent classes may not allow small children to attend these meeting.