• For students who are new to FBISD or Returning to FBISD from another district:

    Step 1: To complete online registration, you must have an email address. If you do not have an email address, there are number of free, web-based email systems that allow you to quickly create an account.
    Options include: Gmail. Hotmail. Yahoo! Mail

    Step 2: Log onto Fortbendisd.com and select the New Student Registration button to access the registration portal. Please have your email address username and password available before beginning this process. You may use your home computer available at the front office of an FBISD school.

    Step 3: Complete the online enrollment application, entering all information required.

    Step 4: Contact your zoned campus (RPE) to verify your address and set up an appointment to complete the enrollment process. Campus Contact Information: Registrar (281) 634-6394, Front Office (281) 634-6390.

    Step 5: Gather the following required documents and take them with you to your enrollment appointment.