• Student Activities / Academic UIL

    The purpose of UIL is to organize and properly supervise contests that assist in preparing students for citizenship. It aims to provide healthy, character-building, educational activities carried out under rules providing for good sportsmanship and fair play for all participants.

    The 2023-24 RPE UIL A+ Team participates in Storytelling (2nd & 3rd graders), Oral Reading (4th & 5th graders), and Number Sense (4th & 5th graders).


    Therefore, we reaffirm that our “Rockets” are the focus of our endeavor and deserve an opportunity to:

    • Refine physical and mental skills,
    • Nurture self-realization and build self-confidence,
    • Feel a sense of pride and dignity,
    • Experience teamwork and develop a sense of fair play,
    • Develop the ability to lead and the willingness to follow,
    • Foster self-discipline and perseverance,
    • Appreciate that rules, consistently applied, create order and discipline,
    • Learn to accept graciously the decisions of judges and officials,
    • Affirm self-worth in times of disappointment as well as adulation,
    • Cultivate lifetime skills,
    • Complement their classwork with practice and performance,
    • Experience the joy of achieving their potential in a wholesome environment, and
    • Discover that ultimately the true meaning of winning is doing one's best.

    We participated in our first invitational meet at Marshall High School on December 9th.

    Our next district meet will be held at Kempner High School on April 27th.