Visitation Procedures

  • RPE Visitors:

    All visitors are required to sign in through the front office. Once you sign in you must wear a visitor’s badge while you are in the building. Upon exiting the building you can turn in your visitor tag to the receptionist.

    Raptor System:

    Our security system in the front office is an effective way to track our visitors and alert staff members if a visitor is registered as a sex offender. Raptor is also used to track volunteer hours as well as student tardies and early sign-outs.

    This program asks the visitor coming in to the building to scan his/her driver’s license or State ID Card in order to obtain a pass complete with photo and date as he/she enters the halls of the school. By scanning the visitors’ driver’s license, within seconds the Raptor System determines if the visitor is listed on the National Sex Offender Registry and Violent Offender Against Youth Database. Visitors not flagged are issued a photo ID badge, good for only that day. The system stores the license information so returning volunteers or visitors only have to provide their name, which is rerun through the database.