Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design K-12 Art Certification ESL Certification

Mrs. Joy E Chandler

Find your awesome, take chances, make your mark! This is what I ask of my students. What lights you up? My hope is that they get a glimpse of their inner light… a glimpse of their awesome.

Hello Lion Artists! I am Mrs. Chandler your Art Teacher and I love teaching, exploring, and creating Art.

I create not only from my everyday experiences, but also from visions that I see appear in the “process” of my art. I immerse myself completely in a medium (materials) and in the initial experience of the quiet moment when brush, ink, pencil, hand, and water unite flowing along the canvas or paper. From this, I imagine the possibilities and my work begins to appear. I believe anyone can learn about and appreciate Art. It is a wonderful way to visually express your thoughts, feelings and ideas. You are unique and the only one who can draw the way you do and from your own personal view of the world.

 I am a local Artist and Illustrator who lives in Sugar Land, Texas. You may have seen my Art Traffic Boxes around the City of Sugar Land and the City of Angleton! I, also,  joined forces with DLE’s former Nurse, Nancy Cartie and created the illustrations for a children’s book titled, "A Time to Fly: The Story of Annie the Butterfly".

Book 2 entitled, "A Time to Be Kind" is now available on Amazon as well.