• Welcome to 2nd Grade!

    We have anticipated this new school year for many months. Our second grade team is comprised of a very dynamic and authentic group of teachers who believe in working together to foster a growth mindset in every young learner. We understand that many lessons stem from our mistakes; therefore, we have created a safe and loving environment to do just that! Your child will develop a passion for learning and risk taking without fear of “getting it wrong” every once in a while!

    Our goal is to inspire and equip our second graders with the tools necessary to become independent readers, writers, and thinkers. The reading and language arts program provides opportunities to explore a variety of reading material such as fiction and nonfiction stories, poetry, and comprehension strategies. This year your child will be engaging in several hands-on science labs and investigations. In social studies, students will learn about characteristics of good citizens, the economy, types of communities, and many other important concepts about the world around them. Math concepts include graphing, place value, telling time, estimation, counting money, and problem solving using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and financial literacy.

    We understand this is a pivotal age for young learners and our mission is to embrace every child with acceptance and grace, while modeling a strong work ethic and taking pride in everything we do! We look forward to a great school year!