• Our Rockin' Longhorns are focused primarily on singing and preparing for various performances on and off campus. I will include a more detailed schedule of performances and mandatory rehearsals below. 

    Music Club Meetings &  Dismissal

    We will meet every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 in the Music Room. The Club members will have a few minutes while we perform dismissal to wait in a designated area. During this time, they can enjoy a dry snack, get a drink of water and use the restroom.

    We will dismiss the members in bus ramp driveway (by the Gym and Extended Day entrance) promptly at 4:30.

    If your child is going to walk or bike home, we will walk them to the corner of the property and watch them cross the street. However, depending on adult staffing, they may have to wait until I have dismissed all of the Car Riders.

    Please make arrangements to pick up your student promptly at 4:30. You will receive warning for the first two late pick-ups. After the third late pick-up, your student will be dismissed from the Club.

    Music Club Member Expectations

    1. Club members must maintain a passing grade average. Students with a grade lower than a 70 in Skyward will be asked to not participate until their grade improves. If your child's grade becomes a concern, please make an effort to communicate it to me immediately. I would much rather talk to you about this in person before I hear it from their teachers.

    2. Club members must not receive any bad conduct marks or office referrals. Depending on the nature of the incident, they will either be expelled completely from the club or asked to not participate for a certain amount of time.  

    3. Club members  must display appropriate student behavior while participating in the Music Club. I will notify you of any discipline problems and if your student’s behavior does not improve, I will not allow them to continue to participate. ·

    4. Attendance at the mandatory rehearsal is absolutely expected. Please make arrangements NOW so you do not have conflicts on these days. Their absence may result in them losing their part or their performance spot in our program.

    Club Fees & Performance Uniform

    Each student will pay a Club Fee of $25.00. This will cover the cost of our Choir Shirts and also some music/props/etc. that we may need to purchase. This can be paid on our school's Rev Track Web Store. 


    I communicate by email to all of our parents. If you are not receiving my emails, please be sure to let me know.    

    Parent Help

    Parent help is always welcome! 


Music Club Happenings


  • Staci Waites

    (281) 637-7866