• Coding Club


    FBISD Coding Clubs exist to nurture the technical and interpersonal skills used in computer programming.  Through a progression of learning students have the opportunity to develop those skills that supports this exploration. Fort Bend ISD Coding Clubs curriculum is an in-house developed curriculum that builds skills off various resources and programs accessible to students. Those resources students will use to learn the principles of computer science are Turtle Art and Scratch. Coding Clubs were started with support from the Fort Bend Education Foundation and Schlumberger.  Students at sixty elementary and middle school campuses have the opportunity to experience computer science concepts before or after school for free with the clubs!  Our goal is to inspire and expose students to computer science concepts at a young age and encourage them to pursue careers in STEM. Also, within the coding clubs the opportunity for performance is a must. Students may have an opportunity to participate in various competitions and challenges to show their learning or showcase what they know through club tasks and challenges.


    FBISD Coding Clubs Purpose, Progression, Proficiency, and Performance principals

    Coding Clubs in FBISD revolve around 4 core principals:

    • Purpose: Why we have coding clubs and the mission, vision, and goals.
    • Progression: The curriculum of the club and how we help students move through their learning.
    • Proficiency: The supports for both the students and the teachers so that they have what is necessary to be successful with their clubs.
    • Performance: Opportunities for students to showcase their learning through competitions and performances.


    Club Meetings &  Dismissal

    We will meet from approx. 3:40-5:00 in the STEM Room and/or Library. The Club members will have a few minutes while we perform dismissal to wait in a designated area. During this time, they can enjoy a dry snack, get a drink of water and use the restroom.

    We will dismiss the members in the front circle drive promptly at 5:00pm.

    If your child is going to walk or bike home, we will walk them to the corner of the property and watch them cross the street. However, depending on adult staffing, they may have to wait until I have dismissed all of the Car Riders.

    Please make arrangements to pick up your student promptly at 5:00. You will receive warning for the first two late pick-ups. After the third late pick-up, your student will be dismissed from the Club.


    Club Member Expectations

    1. Club members must maintain passing grades in their classes.

    2. Club members must not receive any bad conduct marks or office referrals. Depending on the nature of the incident, they will either be expelled completely from the club or asked to not participate for a certain amount of time.  

    3. Club members must display appropriate student behavior while participating in Club. I will notify you of any discipline problems and if your student’s behavior does not improve, I will not allow them to continue to participate. ·

    4. Attendance is expected. Please make arrangements NOW so you do not have conflicts on these days. Their absence may result in them losing their spot as there are many students who did not get into club and are on a "waiting list"


  • Club Sponsor:

    Jennifer Kuperman