• Welcome to the Pre-K team! Pre-Kindergarten exists to create a foundation that supports curiosity, purposeful play, and self-confident life-long learners. This year, your child will learn letters, numbers, and how to write their first name. Each day provides new opportunities for your child to learn awesome information. We look forward to your support and involvement in making this year a special one.The following are areas that will help your child make the transition into Pre-K a smooth one.

    Students should be able to:

    o   Use self-help skills (i.e. bathroom independently, button, zip, buckle, etc.)
    o   Recognize their first name in print
    o   Listen and talk about stories that are read to them
    o   Share ideas in complete sentences
    o   Use tools to develop fine motor control skills (i.e. scissors, crayons, pencils, etc.)
    o   Shoe tying

    As parents, you can reinforce what is being taught in school by:

    o   Reading to your child daily
    o   Reviewing numbers and letters with your child
    o   Practicing writing their name and numbers correctly (i.e. Tom, not TOM)
    o   Taking time to look at your child’s class work and reviewing areas where they may have difficulty

    We look forward to watching your child develop and grow throughout the school year! Pre-K Rocks!

    2023-24 Pre-K Team Schedule