Juan Seguin: A Texas Hero

  • Juan Seguin An original Texas Hero...Juan Seguin is known to some as one of the bravest Texans in the struggle for Texas independence. Seguin began his journey by leading a group of Tejano soldiers against Santa Ana's Mexican army. His group of soldiers were at the Alamo when it came under siege by Santa Anna’s army. Colonel Travis asked Seguin to leave the Alamo to deliver a message in hopes of gaining more men to help defend the mission. Juan Seguin wanted desperately to stay and fight with his men, but Travis ordered him to go. He reached General Sam Houston with the message.  Seguin wished to return to the troops at the Alamo, but Houston ordered him to stay. The Alamo fell while he was away. Seguin stayed with Houston and became one of the heroes at the Battle of San Jacinto which lead to Texas independence. Seguin did eventually return to the Alamo…to bury the bodies of his men whom Santa Anna had burned. He was a very loyal leader to his men.

    Seguin was later elected to the Texas Senate and then became the Mayor of San Antonio. Sadly, as more Anglos moved into Texas, they tried to run all Tejanos out of Texas, including Juan Seguin. It became very difficult for him to stay in Texas. Reluctantly, he returned to Mexico where he was then imprisoned for treason against the Mexican government. He was also forced to serve in the Mexican army in exchange for being released from prison. Later he was allowed to return to San Antonio; however, it was still very difficult to be of Mexican heritage in Texas. He returned to Mexico and died believing that he had no home.

    Our Fort Bend school is named after this brave and loyal hero of Texas independence. Students will learn a great deal about Texas history by studying this man’s legacy. They will also be exposed to many of his wonderful character traits, such as loyalty, bravery, perseverance, and dedication.


Mission and Vision Statements

  • Mission

    The mission of Juan Seguin Elementary School is to nurture and inspire students through shared responsibility among stakeholders to achieve high academic and social development by instilling the motivation that carries them through life.


    It is our vision to strive for excellence by becoming a student centered professional learning community to help each child at Juan Seguin Elementary School reach their greatest potential.



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    The Front Office is open from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    Kindergarten - Fifth Grade      8:10 a.m. - 3:25 p.m.     

    Students not in their homeroom by 8:10 am are counted tardy.


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    When your child is absent, please call (281) 634-9850. Remember to send an excuse note when your child is absent from school for any reason. The absence will count as “unexcused” if a note is not received within five days of the absence.