• FBC3 Welcome to the Fort Bend Computer Coding Club (FBC3) at JSES!

    We are so happy that our campus has chosen to provide this experience for your students! The Fort Bend Computer Coding Camp (FBC3) began in the spring of 2013 at Sartartia Middle School and funded by Schlumberger through the Fort Bend Education Foundation. Beginning with one middle school, we have added new schools every semesters as our program continues to grow through the commitment of Schlumberger, the Fort Bend Education Foundation, the Fort Bend Digital Learning Department, and a wonderful group of teacher sponsors and students. FBC3 is a program dedicated to the idea that all students can benefit from learning about computational thinking.
    The club gives students an introduction to programming using two fun, visually-based coding programs called Turtle Art and Scratch. The club provides a totally interactive experience for students to learn how to use Turtle Art and Scratch to create line drawings, short animations, and even simple video games!
    Our focus is on the following process:
    • Break down the problem
    • Critically think about the problem
    • Create a solution
    • Fine tune your solution
    • Communicate and share with others
    We thank you for being willing to provide this great learning opportunity to your students, and we will do our best to support you along the way.