• In Music class, all students will be sitting on the floor, moving around the room, and playing instruments. Students should wear comfortable, movable clothing and shoes.

    Every grade level will have a performance sometime throughout the year. All students are expected to participate in the preparation and performance. All preparation will occur during school day and parents will be invited to watch their child's program. If your child has a physical limitation that will interfere with their participation, arrangements will be made for them to do another musical activity.

    Here is our tentative Grade Level Program schedule:

    • Second Grade - Patriotic Program, October
    • First Grade - March
    • Third Grade - Performing at the Sugar Land Holiday Lights, December
    • Fourth Grade -Singing the National Anthem for the Sugar Land Space Cowboys Baseball Game
    • Fifth Grade - End of year program, May
    • Kindergarten - End of year program, May

    The entire school will also be participating and performing at our school's Veterans Day Program on November 9th, 2023.