• Jones Elementary is "No Place for Hate" ®!


    EA Jones Elementary is proud to be an Anti-Defamation Leage "No Place for Hate" school since 2014.

    We are committed in making our campus a safe school with a culture that values all students and staff. We encourage you to visit this page often to see the amazing things that we are doing to: 

    • Build an inclusive and safe community in which respect is the goal, and all students can thrive.
    • Empower students, faculty, administration and family members to take a stand against hate and bullying by incorporating new and existing programs under one powerful message.
    • Engage our school and community through the implementation of at least three campus-wide anti-bias activities per year, which ADL helps to devleop.
    • Send a clear, unified message that all students have a place to belong.

    In August, our campus created our "No Place for Hate ®" coalition team which is made up of students, staff and community members. Together we will help to facilitate 3 campus-wide anti-bias and diversity related activities throughout this school year. This first step took place in September signifying the start of our journey toward becoming a No Place for Hate campus in 2018!