EOC Practice Tests and Released Test Questions

  • EOC Practice Tests and Released Test Questions

    Students are encouraged to take the online practice tests provided by the TEA. Please click here to access.

    Test questions from previous EOCs that are publicly available to students and parents can be accessed here.

STAAR Online Tutorials

  • At-Home Tutorials via Edgenuity

    Students who are seeking additional support to improve their EOC scores are encouraged to utilize the Edgenuity online tutorial program. To access the program,

    • Visit the Edgenuity website
    • Log in with your regular FBISD credentials:
      • User name: district/student ID (no leading "0")
      • Password: regular network password
    • Watch an eight-minute introduction to Edgenuity video
    • Click green "exit" button
    • "My Course List" appears
    • Click on the course you want to start
    • Click on the purple arrow that says "Next Activity"
    • Take a pretest
    • If you want to return to the "My Course List", click on the house button