• Attendance is taken daily at 10:00 am. 

    Excuse notes for students can be submitted in the following ways:

    When a student misses one or more days of school due to illness or personal reasons, he/she will need to bring an absence note (Parent note or Doctor/Dental Note or Parent email) sent to the Attendance office upon student returning to school.

    Please provide the student's full name, the date of the absence, a specific reason for the absence and parent signature on the note.  Personal or family emergencies (explanation required) is not an excused absence and will be marked as unexcused.

    All notes can be given to the teacher or can be dropped off at the Mission Glen front office. Parent emails can be sent through the following link: AttendanceMGE@fortbendisd.com


    The absence is excused only if a note is received in the Attendance Office within 5 days of the absence of the student returning to school.  If a note is not received within 5 days, the absence will be coded unexcused.  A student who has had surgery or been hospitalized should provide a physician signed release to return to school.  The form should contain any restrictions or limitations regarding the student's physical functioning capacity while in attendance at school.  All notes are recorded on a daily basis. 

    Arriving Late to School:

    Students arriving at school after 8:10 will be marked tardy.  Students arriving at school after 8:20 will be marked late.

    Leaving School Early:

    Students may leave school early for the following reasons:  Dental or doctor's appointment (note is required upon returning to school).  Parents will be given the Early Dismissal Form to fill out each time student is leaving school early.  Student early dismissal will be recorded on student's attendance record.

    Anticipated Absences:

    When you know in advance that your student will need to be absent, it is to your educational advantage to talk to your child's teacher and the front office.  Notes for preplanned absences will be reviewed by the Principal.  Please send notes to the Attendance Office at least 5 school days before the absence occurs to determine if the absence will be excused.