• For New Student Enrollment, an online application must be submitted first in order to proceed with enrollment. 


    Follow the link below to submit the online enrollment application.  

     New Student Online Enrollment Application

    After completing the Online Enrollment Application, please call to schedule an appointment with the Attendance Office at

    (281) 634-4280.


    Bring the following documents to your scheduled appointment:

         Birth Certificate or Passport

         Student's social security card (will be requested) or state assigned ID number

         Official Immunization Record with the physicians stamp or signature

         A government issued photo ID of the student's parent or guardian, which provides their FBISD address (TX Driver's License/ID Card)

         Proof of residence, including a Deed of Trust or Mortgage Statement (buying the house) or lease (entire document if renting)

         Current Utility Bill (gas, water or electric)


    Covid 19 Registration Instructions

    Please follow the link at the top of the page to submit and online application.  

    Ater completing the Online Enrollment Application, please call 281-634-4297 for assistance.  At this time, only student documents are being accepted for Early PK and Kindergarten applications for the 2020/2021 school year.  PK eligibility will be determined at a later date.  Use secure email to send documents electronically, please use the following document:  Secure Email for Documents