Regular attendance is vital to a student’s academic success.  If a student is absent, there are general guidelines which will help us document and excuse the absence. 


If you have any questions, contact Andrea Jackson:



If a student is absent:

  • The student must turn in a note.
  • The note must be submitted within 5 school days of the absence
  • Four or more consecutive days of absences require medical documentation in order to be documented as an excused absence from school


 Students leaving campus:

  • The best way to ensure your child is ready for an early pick up is to send a written note with your child and have that note signed in at the attendance office in the morning.
  • In high volume seasons, emails and fax do not always get picked up in time.
  • Parents must come in and sign in student for late arrival as well as come in to sign out for early pickup.
  • All students must sign in and out at attendance office for late arrivals and early pickups


Any questions regarding the attendance of a student during the day should be directed via email to the student’s teacher during the time in question.