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Degrees and Certifications:

Msc oil and gas processing; teachers certification -chemistry

Mr. Dalmodu S.Conteh

Hail from Sierra Leone, West Africa were I attendended one of the most prominant secondary school in the

country-Saint Edwards Secondary School, Freetown-, I then proceeded aboard ( Sovet Union) to futher my

education, pursuing a course in chemical Engineering at the Moscow Petro-Chemical and gas industry Institute, attaining a 

MSc degree in chemical engineering, specialing in oil and gas processing.

Returning home, I worked at the sugarcane project as a heat and power engineer, then moved to the sierra leone

oil refinery, working as a process engineer up to the time of coming to the US, because of blood diamond ''war'', which

consiquently led to an internal up heavel the caused thousands of lifes lost

In yhe US it took some years to settle, which led me to find my self in the classroom teaching Chemistry, physics and math

of which I have been doing for the past 15/16 year,THANK GOD

Teacher Schedule

  • Period 1: Chemistry 1   
    Period 2: Chemistry 1
    Period 3: Chemistry 1
    Period 4: Chemistry 1 
    Period 5: Chemistry 1
    Period 6: Cconference
    Period 7: Chemistry 1

Teacher Tutorial Schedule

    Tuesday and Fridays