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    Immunizations are required by Texas law. You will be notified when your child needs further immunizations. If you take your child throughout the school year for immunizations, please update the clinic by bringing a copy of your new immunization. Please note, all students must be in compliance with their immunizations in order to remain in school. 


    Masks are optional

    Remember to pack an extra mask if you choose for your child to wear a mask during school hours. 

    In case an accident happens, please ALWAYS have an extra set of clothes in a Ziploc bag in your child’s back pack.


    It is required that illness/injury that occurs at home be taken care of at home and that students do not go directly to the clinic on arrival at school.

    To ensure the safety of the entire school population, please do not send an ill child to school (vomiting/diarrhea, fever, severe cough, communicable disease, chills, unexplained rash). We are not allowed to TREAT any illness. Fever needs to be absent (without medication) for 24 hours before your child returns to school. On student arrival at school, each child must report to their homeroom class prior to reporting to the school clinic.  A fever is considered 100.0.          

     A student will not be allowed to remain in school if he/she complains of any of the following:

    • temperature of 100º or greater
    • vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • an undetermined rash
    • feeling too ill to remain at school  
    • Covid related symptoms with fever 100.0 or more  

    When returning to school after an absence, the student must bring a note from the parent/guardian explaining the absence. Even if the student was picked up from the nurse's office and will be out due to illness the next day, you are still required to provide a written note for that absence.  If your child has tested positive for Covid 19, please contact the school clinic as soon as possible. 

    All medications (prescription and non-prescription) must be furnished by the parent/guardian and appropriate medication administration forms must be completed by the parent/guardian. Medication will be delivered to the clinic by the parent/guardian in the ORIGINAL and PROPERLY LABELED container and must be picked up by the parent/guardian or another adult which the parent/guardian can designate. The nurse and/or clinic assistant will administer all medication in the clinic with the exception of students that are required by their physician to carry inhalers or epipens with them at all times. In those situations, the doctor must provide written orders to the school. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY AND BRING MEDICATION TO SCHOOL. IF THIS HAPPENS, THE  MEDICATION WILL NOT BE ADMINISTERED. A PARENT WILL HAVE TO PICK THE MEDICATION UP AFTER SCHOOL OR COME TO SCHOOL AND FILL OUT THE APPROPRIATE PAPERWORK. THE MEDICATION WILL NOT BE GIVEN BACK TO STUDENT.

    Please give medication at home whenever possible. When given at school, they must be in the original container and have a signed note (Parent/Physican Request for Administration of Medication) giving permission for school personnel to administer. Long-term (10+ days) medication requires a yearly doctor's order form and changes require a new order.  Please note, all prescription medication must have a physician and parent's signature prior to administration at school. Medications without the proper form and signatures will not be accepted. 






Clinic Information

  • FBISD School Health Services program is dedicated to creating a culture of wellness that supports student success.

    A Registered Nurse is assigned to each elementary and middle school campus while a Registered Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse are assigned to each high school campus.The school nurse assists students' physical, mental and social growth by providing a health services program that assesses, evaluates and improves the health of students and staff.

    Please contact your school nurse regarding your student's health issues and concerns, hospitalizations and/or treatment changes.

Contact Information

  • Lisa McQueen MSN, BSN, RN
    Lisa McQueen-Johnson, MSN, RN
    School Nurse 
    (281) 634-4925

    Simone Law

    Simone Law
    Nurse/Counselor's CCC Aide
    (281) 634-4953


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