A Message From Our Administrators

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of Glover Elementary, where Eagles soar to immeasurable heights! Glover Elementary is a learning community known to carry on a great tradition of excellence. We ensure that our students “Enter to Learn and Exit to Lead.”

    We believe heavily in the phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child.” We highly encourage and welcome parental and community support. Together we create the ideal educational experience for EVERY child. For this very reason, our doors remain open and we welcome our families with open arms. We welcome you and your child to experience personalized learning in literacy, hands-on experience in science and real world application in math.

    For our Eagles, higher education is not an option! We strive to make success a “reality for all.” We consistently expose our students to life beyond our doors by implementing: Junior Achievement, National Elementary Honor Society, Student Council community projects, College Wednesday’s, and college field trips. It’s never too early to equip our students to succeed and compete in today’s society. We are proud of our student’s academic gains and the rigorous instruction that our teachers provide daily.

    As the Administrators of Glover Elementary, we invite you to stand by our side.  Let’s show our students that, as a community, we believe in them. We now need them to believe in themselves and “Believe in the possibilities!”

    Let’s soar…