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    Benefits of a Comprehensive Elementary School Counseling Program

    Benefits for students

    * Improves academic performance and success

    * Develops decision-making and problem-solving skills

    * Promotes career exploration and development

    * Broadens the student’s knowledge of the changing world.

    * Increases opportunities for consistent counseling services throughout the school year

    Benefits for parents

    * Provides support for parents regarding their child’s educational development

    * Involves parents in their child’s educational development and long-range planning

    * Increases parent/school communication

    * Increases knowledge of the assistance parents and students can receive from the counselor and school

    Benefits for the school

    * Promotes a program responsive to the students’and school’s needs

    * Encourages positive & supportive working relationships

    * Enhances the role of the counselor as a resource person

    * Links to school & community resources

    (Info. courtesy FBISD Devel. Guidance and Counseling Program)