Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Psychology Certification EC-6 and STR

Mrs. La'Kisha Wells



My name is La'Kisha Wells and I am the proud wife of Brian Wells and the mother of 8 beautiful children. I moved to Houston 5 years ago and that started my journey into FBISD. I am so excited about teaching your wonderful children this year. Since I was a young girl, I have always known I would work with children and parents. I just didn't know the way that I would do it. Being an educator is something that I don't take for granted, because I remember when I was a kid. I recall both the good and bad teachers who left their mark on my life. I know how important our role is in ensuring our students feel valued, loved, and appreciated by the adults who are in their lives for at least 6 hours of their day. Time has taught me that they will remember us and I want that memory of me being their teacher to cause a smile to cross their faces. I am a poet, an author of 3 fictional books, and one self-help book. 

I have  included the link to Schoology.

I have also included the school supply list for next school year.  23-24 School Supplies List

I thank you so much for trusting me with your precious gift.

Here to serve you,

Mrs. La'Kisha Wells

4th. Grade Math/Science Teacher at Goodman :)

National Elementary Honor Society  (NEHS) Sponsor 

Science Fair Sponsor 

Goodman Jr Step Team Sponsor

4th. Grade Team Lead 




Homeroom 8:10

Science 8:15-8:55

Math Block 9:00-10:10

Ancillary 10:15-10:55

Math Block 11:00- 11:10

Recess 11:15-11:40

Lunch 11:45- 12:10

Math 12:15

Science 12:20-1:00

Interventions 1:05-1:45

Math 1:50-3:20