Mr. Sanjaya Prabhakaran



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Sanjaya Prabhakaran

My personal feelings and beliefs about teaching are based on my own experiences both as a student and a teacher. They reflect what I would expect for myself or my own children as students in a classroom. I feel that all children can learn a lot, but through a differentiated approach.  The teaching environment must be conducive to learning and our role as educators is to ensure it. I strongly believe that teachers are responsible for every child enrolled in their classroom and must act as their advocates. Teaching and teachers reach far beyond the confines of the classroom.  We are in the esteemed profession of making a mark on someone’s life for year to come. 

  • Period I: Advisory

    Period II: English IV A and English IV B

    Period III: Practical Writing

    Period IV: English IV A and English IV B

    Period V: English IV A and English IV B

    Period VI: Conference

    Period VII: English IV