All Day Absences

    • When a student misses one or more days of school for any reason he/she must provide an excuse note to the Attendance Office upon their return to school.
    • The absence is excused only if a note stating a valid absence reason is recieved in the Attendance Office within five (5) days of the student's return to school.
    • If a note is not recieved within five (5) days the absence will be coded unexcused.
    • Excuse notes must include Student's Full name, ID number, reason for absence, date(s) of absence, parent signature, and parent contact information. 


    Important Points

    • Notes brought in by students should be turned in at the Attendance Office and signed in on the purple clipboard.
    • Students must sign-in and out through the Attendance Office when arriving late or leaving early.
    • Students arriving 20 minutes late or more to any class period throughout the day will be counted absent. Students arriving 20 minutes or less are considered tardy.
    • For your child's safety, parents/guardians picking up students MUST have their pricture ID and be on the Emergency Contact list. 


    Please Note: Absences that are not excused by law, or not covered by extenuating circumstances, shall be designated as unexcused, even if the student has parental permission to be absent (Refer to FBISD Student Handbook) EX. Family vacation, family emergency (with no explanation), oversleeping, Missing the bus, etc. 

    ** Please read our Attendance FAQs page for additional information. **




  • All About Excused Absences
    Source: Fort Bend ISD Parent/Student Handbook
     When is an absence excused? 
    • FBISD extracurricular activities 
    • Illness and medical appointments 
    • Required court appearances 
    • Religious holy days 
    • Activities relating to obtaining United States citizenship
    • College visits for high school junior and senior (up to two days)
    Submitting an Excuse Note 
    •  Notes must be turned in no later than five days upon returning to school.
    •  Notes should be given to the school's Attendance Clerk. Email messages are acceptable. 
    • Keep copies of all correspondence. 
    • Contact the Attendance Clerk or Assistant Principal if you feel any of your child's absences are incorrect. 
    • A medical note can be scanned and emailed directly to the campus Attendance Clerk. 

    General Fort Bend ISD Attendance Policies & Procedures

    The general Fort Bend ISD attendance policies and procedures can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook beginning on page 10.