The Goals of Second Grade

    • Students wll engage in activities that build on their prior knowledge and skills in comprehension of a variety of literary and informational text and writing skills in both narrative and informative purposes. In order to strengthen their reading, writing and oral language skills, students should write and read (or be read to) on a daily basis.
    • Students will engage in making comparisons within the base-10 place value system, solving problems with addition and subtraction within 1,000, building foundations for multiplication and identifying and comparing two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional solids.
    • Students study how individuals and events have had an impact on the community, state and nation, identify the functions of government and concepts of geography and economics.
    • Students apply careful observation and investigation to learn about the natural world and reveal patterns, changes, and cycles; and understand that certain types of questions can be answered by using observation and investigations and that the information gathered in these may change as new observations are made. As students participate in investigation, they develop the skills necessary to do science as well as develop new science concepts.