Why Join the RGE News Crew?

  • Students will learn the art of public speaking such as:

    • Use voice volume effectively
    • Learn the importance of articulation
    • Develop good pacing and understanding the importance it has on speech.
    • Develop optimal eye contact
    • To talk to the audience as opposed to reading to them
    • Build confidence speaking in public
    • Learn about teamwork between other reporters and crew members
    • Develop good body language habits for sitting and standing situations
    • Learn skills that will be useful throughout life
    • Develop good speaking habits avoiding “ums” and “uhs”
    • Be creative

    Students will learn to use cool technology and work as a team to learn:

    • Audio Mixer and microphones and how they work together
    • Video Mixer and how to "switch" sources
    • Using digital video cameras and good camera techniques
    • Using the computer to create green screen effects