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    The Vistas Talent Pool program provides enrichment opportunities for students identified as having characteristics and behaviors of a high potential learner whose talents must be nurtured in order for their potential to fully develop. Students selected for the Vistas Talent Pool perform in the top 15% of the kindergarten students on campus. Students selected for the program begin participating in their 1st grade year and remain in the program through their 5th grade year. Students may also be selected for the Vistas Talent Pool based on their GT testing in grades 1st-5th including the GT Universal Screener given to 2nd grade students.

    While all children are to be taught creative thinking skills, leadership skills, and to achieve at high levels in the content areas, students participating in the Vistas Talent Pool typically learn at a faster pace and/or more complex level in one or more of these areas. The Vistas Talent Pool program provides educational opportunities which are differentiated to meet the individual needs in the specific area(s) in which the student demonstrates exceptional talent or the potential for exceptional talent.

    The Vistas Talent Pool Program at Hunters Glen Elementary is committed to:

    • Developing a passion for learning and personal growth so that students reach their talent potential 
    • Providing opportunities for studying subjects in greater depth and complexity in an enriched learning environment
    • Encouraging student ownership of learning through special projects that both challenge and engage all Vistas Talent Pool students intellectually and creatively
    • Directing all students toward intellectual, emotional, and social success in academics and life.