• Model and coach effective strategies ad behavioral resources in the classsroom.
  • Assist campuses by working directly with students who need additional and behavioral assistance who are in the special education referral process.
  • Provide staff development and training and technical assistance while supporting staff and students in faciltation of Restorative Chats, Restorative Conversations, Pacemaking Circles, Community-building circles and talking circles, etc.
  • Facilitate and co-facilitate restorative chats, restorative conversations, peacemaking cirlces, community-building circles, talking circles, etc,  among students and staff.
  • Conduct administrative tasks such as data entry for reports, maintaing student files, writing progress notes and plan meetings and events.

Kyonna Hardy

Positive Behavior Intervetion Support Facilitator

Ridegmont Complex

281-634-4880 Ext: 40936