• Dear Parents and Students:

    A Registered Nurse and LVN are assigned to each high school campus in Fort Bend Independent School
    District and a Registered Nurse is assigned to each middle and elementary school campus. The school
    clinic is available to assist with the medical/health needs of each student. Please read the
    procedures and guidelines which follow:

    When a student feels ill or is injured at school and needs to see the nurse, he or she must get a
    pass from the teacher who is sending the student to the clinic. If the student goes to the clinic
    between classes or during a lunch period, he/she must get a pass from a teacher on duty or his/her
    next period teacher (Secondary Students only) Exceptions are for sudden illness and serious injury.

    The student will be signed in upon arrival to the clinic. When leaving, the student must get the
    signed pass back from the nurse showing the time he/she left the clinic.

    First aid will be administered when needed. A parent/guardian will be notified if a student is
    unable to remain at school or if an emergency arises requiring that he/she be taken to a medical
    facility. If a student must be transferred to an emergency facility before you arrive, a
    representative from the school will remain with the student until your designated person arrives.

    It is required that illness/injury occurring at home be taken care of at home and that students do
    not go directly to the clinic upon arrival at school.

    A Student will not be allowed to remain in school if he/she complains of any of the following:

    • temperature of 100.0 or greater
    • vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • an undetermined rash
    • feeling too ill to remain at school

     To prevent exposing other student unnecessarily to illness, a student should not come to school if
    he/she has the following symptoms:

    • Vomiting and/or diarrhea the morning of school
    • An undetermined rash
    • A temperature of 100.0 or greater within the past 24 hours

    If a student must leave school due to illness, the parent/guardian is responsible for
    transportation. If you are not available, the person you designated on your student‘s emergency
    information card will be notified to pick them up. Facilities for keeping your child are limited;
    therefore, it is important that your child be picked up promptly.



    All medications (prescription and non-prescription) must be furnished by the parent/guardian and
    appropriate medication administration forms must be completed by the parent/guardian. Medication
    will be delivered to the clinic by the parent/guardian in the original and properly labeled
    container and must be picked up by the parent/guardian or another adult which the parent/guardian can designate. The nurse and/or clinic assistant will administer all medications in the clinic with the exception of students that are required by their physician to carry inhalers or epipens with them at all times. In those situations, the doctor must provide written orders to the school.

    Medication administration requests for greater than 15 school days must have the signature/directions of the physician. For prescription medications that are left at school, a second labeled container can be obtained from your pharmacy. When medication is discontinued, it must be picked up by the parent/guardian.

    Returning to school after illness or injury

    When returning to school after an absence, the student must bring a note from the parent/guardian
    explaining the absence. Students who must show a physician‘s release to re-enter school must take
    that form to the school nurse before going to class.


    Any student who needs assistance with getting around the campus must bring a note from the
    parent/guardian or a physician‘s statement describing ability/modifications needed and for how
    long. Five minute passes may be issued to assist injured/disabled students in crowded hallways.
    Physical education/Recess exemptions will be given at the parent‘s request for one week only when
    indicated. PE/recess exemptions for periods longer than a week require an M.D. note.

    If you have any questions, please call or come by the school clinic.



     Ana Williams, BSN, RN

    Heritage Rose Elementary - School Nurse