Fort Bend Computer Coding Club (FBC3)

  • The HRE Coding Club will not be available until further notice due to online leanring and the COVID 19 situation.
    Welcome to the Fort Bend Computer Coding Club at Heritage Rose! We call it FBC3 for short or just Coding Club. Currently, the club is open to 4th graders only. We meet one day a week, in the back computer lab, from 3:25 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. We are very grateful to Schlumberger  and The Fort Bend Education Foundation who support FBC3 across the District. 
    Learning the basics of computer programming is not only fun and interesting to the students but gives them a window to future paths that will be open to them. Some people are saying that along with foreign languages, coding is a language needed for jobs of the future.
    The students will use different programs to begin to learn to code. They use Turtle Art, which has block code the students use to create their designs. We  definitely learn how many degrees are in a circle and a half circle! They also use Scratch and Tynker. Both programs use block code so the students can animate their scene or even create a computer game. At the end of the semester there will a coding challenge and a possible competition with other schools.
    The  students will also be using code to program a robot to maneuver through an obstacle or perform a feat. 

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