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  • 2020-21 School Report Card (SRC)

    2020-21 School Report Card and Federal Report Card

    February 25, 2022

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    I am writing to inform you that two annual performance reports for our campus have been posted on the BPE Website (, as required by law.  It is important to know that the performance data in the 2020-21 report card is based on 2020-21 performance; however, 2021 STAAR tests were optional and results are compared with 2019 results. Due to COVID-19, most state assessments were not administered in the spring of 2020.

    For further information:

    School Report Card (SRC)

    The SRC is a report required by Section 39.305 of the Texas Education Code and is prepared each year by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for each campus in the state.

    The SRC is intended to give a broad view of campus performance by combining the following information:

    • the campus accountability rating
    • data from the campus Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR), and
    • financial information

    The information contained in the SRC is described in more detail in a document titled 2020-21 School Report Card Definitions. (Link to 2020–21 School Report Card (SRC) Definitions)

    The SRC for our school contains the information specific to our school level (elementary, middle or high school).


     Federal Report Card (FRC) 

    The FRC is a report required under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA). Each year, TEA prepares an FRC for the State of Texas and each district and campus in Texas. FRCs for the state, district, and each of the district’s campuses are now available at the link provided.

    The information contained in the FRC is described in more detail in a document titled Information Included in the 2020-21 Federal Report CardLink to TEA Federal Report Card Information

    If you have any questions concerning the SRC or the FRC, or if you would like a printed copy of either the SRC or the FRC (or the corresponding explanatory documents), please contact our main office @ 281-327-6000.

    Thank you for your continued support of our school.


    2020-21 Boleta/Cartilla de Calificación Escolar y

    Boleta/Cartilla de Calificación Federal

    25 de febrero, 2022


    Estimados Padres/Representantes:

    Les escribo para informarles que dos de los reportes anuales de desempeño para nuestra escuela han sido publicados en la página web de BPE (, tal como lo establece la ley. Es importante tomar en cuenta que la información de desempeño en la boleta de calificación 2020-21 está basada en el desempeño del 2020-21. Sin embargo, como la prueba de STAAR para el 2021 fue opcional los resultados son comparados con los del 2019. Como consecuencia del COVID-19, la mayoría de las pruebas administradas por el estado correspondientes a la Primavera 2020 no se hicieron.


    Para más información:


    Reporte Enlace a la Página Web del Distrito


    2020-21 Boleta/Cartilla de Calificación Escolar


    (SRC por sus siglas en inglés)


    2020-21 Boleta/Cartilla de Calificación Federal


    (FRC por sus siglas en inglés)


    Boleta/Cartilla de Calificación Escolar (SRC)


    El SRC es un reporte obligatorio de acuerdo con la Sección 39.305 del Código de Educación de Texas y es preparado anualmente por la Agencia de Educación de Texas (TEA) para cada escuela en el estado.


    EL SRC procura dar una visión amplia del desempeño de la escuela combinando la siguiente información:


    • índice de medición de la responsabilidad de la escuela (accountability rating),


    • información del Reporte de Desempeño Académico de Texas (TAPR por sus siglas en inglés), e


    • información financiera


    La información contenida en el SRC se describe con más detalles en un documento titulado Definiciones de Boletas de Calificaciones Escolares (SRC) 2020-21. (enlace a las Definiciones de Boletas de Calificaciones Escolares (SRC) 2020–21)


    El SRC de nuestra escuela contiene la información específica de acuerdo con nuestro nivel educativo (escuela primaria, intermedia o secundaria).


    Boleta/Cartilla de Calificación Federal (FRC)


    El FRC es un reporte obligatorio de acuerdo con la Ley Federal Cada Estudiante Triunfa del 2015 (ESSA por sus siglas en inglés). Cada año, la TEA prepara un FRC para el estado de Texas y para cada uno de los distritos y escuelas en el estado. Los FRC para el estado, distrito y cada una de las escuelas ya están disponibles aquí Enlace a la Información de la Boleta/Cartilla de Calificación Federal de la TEA


    La información contenida en el FRC se describe con más detalles en un documento titulado Información Incluida en la Cartilla de Calificaciones 2020-21 de Escuelas Públicas en Texas.


    Si tiene alguna pregunta relacionada al SRC o al FRC, o si desea una copia impresa de cualquiera de los dos (o de los documentos explicativos correspondientes), por favor contacte a nuestra oficina principal al 281-327-




    Gracias por su apoyo continuo a nuestra escuela.



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  • FBISD Parent Schoology Information

    Click Here For: Parent Schoology Log In Help


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  • Volunteer to Guide Promising Students in Fort Bend ISD. Join the GPS Mentor Crew to change the life of a child!

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  • FBISD Profile of a Graduate

    PROFILE OF A GRADUATE: FBISD will graduate students who exhibit the attributes of the District’s Profile of a Graduate

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  • FBISD School Safety Information -

    SCHOOL SAFETY: Fort Bend ISD is committed to the safety of all students and staff. Learn more about our Safety Procedures, Training, and Resources to support our students and staff

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  • Online Report Cards

    Beginning with the 2018 -2019 school year, Fort Bend ISD will no longer print and mail progress reports and reports cards.

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  • 2021-2022 Bronco Times

    Doors Open: 7:30AM

    Instruction Begins: 8:10AM

    Instruction Ends: 3:25PM

    Doors Close: 3:45PM (excludes students participating in extracurricular activities)


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  • Barrington Place named an Honor Roll Campus!

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  • Student Information Update

    Beginning August 8, parents can visit Skyward Family Access to fill out the required back-to-school forms and update their student's information.

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  • Free and Reduced School Meal Applications Available Now

    All FBISD families that request Free and Reduced School Meal services must complete a new application each school year. Applications must be submitted and approved by Oct. 7 to avoid lapse in benefits. Apply now.

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      2018 Bond @BPE

      • 2018 Bond  

        November 6, 2018

        2018 Bond Total: $992.6 million

        Total amount allocated for Barrington Place Elementary: $3,348,554*

        Barrington Place Bond Projects include: 

        Facility Equity & Access

        • Drinking Fountains with Bottle Filler

        Building Systems / Life-Cycle

        • Exterior Cleaning and Repair
        • Exterior Waterproofing
        • Windows
        • Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment
        • Exhaust System Improvements
        • Electrical Upgrades and Surge Protection

        Life Safety & Security

        • Security Alarm System
        • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System
        • Generator

        Site Enhancements

        • Site Drainage Improvements

          Fine Arts

        • Stage Curtain


        *This amount includes costs associated with architectural, engineering, financing, and legal fees, and other pre- and post-construction expenses.


        For more information, visit

        Printable PDF available on Bond webpage.

      FBISD's Profile of a Graduate

      • FBISD Profile of a Graduate

        A Fort Bend ISD Graduate has
        a rigorous academic foundation,
        strong character, and is...

        Equipped with Skills for Life ...equipped with skills for life.

        Servant Leader ...a servant leader.

        Effective Communicator effective communicator.

        Critical Thinker ...a critical thinker.

        Compassionate Citizen ...a compassionate citizen.

        Collaborative Team Member ...a collaborative team member.

        Life-long Learner ...a life-long learner.