Safety Patrol

  • Barrington Safety Patrol is an opportunity for students to practice leadership skills. They serve as role models for younger students and their peers. Because of this responsibility, Safety Patrol jobs are reserved for fifth grade students only. 

    All patrol members must meet the following behavior and academic guidelines prior to being selected and throughout their participation in safety patrol:

    • All behavior marks on their report card are above a “N”
    • All grades are passing on their report card and progress report
    • Teacher recommendation
    • No office referrals

    Students not meeting the guidelines on their report card or progress report during the year will be placed on probation. If their grades improve, they will be put back on the schedule, per teacher recommendation. Any deficiency slips or behavior reports may jeopardize their job assignment.

    Barrington Safety Patrol requires students to spend additional time at school for their job. We look forward to seeing our 5th grade Broncos grow with this wonderful opportunity. 

    A.M. Duty Hours - 7:30-8:00

    P.M. Duty Hours - 3:15- 3:40 

     ***Parents picking up students***

    Students have been given a duty that matches their dismissal.

    Please pick up your student towards the end of their duty time.  However, safety patrol students may be relieved of their duty if your car arrives for pick up before the end of their duty time.  Safety patrol students may be picked up with their sibling if they need to leave before the end of their duty time.