• Welcome to Ridgemont Elementary

    Gifted and Talented


    Identified students in grades K-5 are cluster grouped with GT-trained teachers in the core subject areas of English language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.  Program services for identified Kindergarten students begin March 1 as mandated by the state.


    Please visit the District GT web page for information on evaluation for GT services. 

  • Campus Contacts

    GT Administrator: Ms. Bowie

    Email: Kimsheka.Bowie@fortbendisd.com

    Phone: (281) 634-4880


    Champion of Gifted Services: Mrs. Montenegro

    Email: Adriana.Montenegro@fortbendisd.com

    Phone: (281) 327-2427


    GT Counselor: Mrs. Gibson 

    Email: Angela.Gibson@fortbendisd.com

    Phone: (281) 634-8650