• Instructional Expectations

    Synchronous vs Asynchronous

    Fort Bend ISD will begin the 2020-21 School Year 100% online with limited exceptions. Students served with special education services will launch with face-to-face instruction based on ARD committee decisions. During the period of online learning, students will be required to participate in synchronous and aysnchronous learning. 

     Synchronous Learning

    Remote Synchronous Instruction is two-way, real-time/live, virtual instruction between teachers and students when students are not on campus. 

    Synchronous Instruction will include:

    • Explicit teaching & modeling of concepts
    • Collaborative activities
    • Formative Assessment & Progress Monitoring
    • Conferring with students and small group instruction


    Remote Asynchronous Instruction is instruction that does not require having the instructors and students engaged at the same time.

    Asynchronous Instruction will include:

    • Student practice and creation of content
    • Student collaboration & feedback with peers using digital tools
    • Opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding
    • Student self-assessment and goal setting

    At this time, we here at Briargate do not know how long online instruction will continue, but you can trust that systems will be in place to provide a robust online program with both synchronous and asynchronous learning. 

    Starting school online will allow our staff here at BGE, to refine the established health and safety protocols before introducing students back into the building. It will also provide the opportunity for staff and students to learn and master online learning tools, which will make any swift transition to online learning easier if it becomes necessary to close a classroom or school due to COVID-19. These details of our online instructional schedules are shared in the provided documents below.

    BGE Online Schedules


    Grade 1

    Grade 2

    Grade 3 Math

    Grade 3 Reading

    Grade 4 Math

    Grade 4 Reading

    Grade 5 Math

    Grade 5 Reading

    Grade 5 Self-Contained