• Our Vision 

    The vision of the Early Literacy Center is to empower all students with the critical literacy skills through the establishment of collective efficacy, intentional scaffolding and meaningful relationship building.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Early Literacy Center is to equip all students with the strategies necessary for building their reading capacity, numeracy efficiency, and social-emotional skills.

    Early Literacy Center Philosophy  

    FBISD believes literacy is the foundation for learning and is accomplished through a community of learners who engage in authentic reading, writing, speaking, listening, and authentic hands-on experiences.  

    Early Literacy Center Core Belief and Commitments  

    Core Belief: Literacy is essential to success in life. 

     Commitments:  We believe: 

    • the goal of literacy instruction is to grow independent readers, writers, listeners, and speakers to support learning across all content areas 
    • instruction should be differentiated to meet the needs of all learners 
    • on-going job embedded professional learning and development is essential to ensure success for all students 
    • in the use of authentic literature with a balance of reading and writing 
    • family and community school partnerships are critical in children’s literacy acquisition