• Pre-Paid Parking for HHS Graduation:  In order to purchase pre-paid parking, Hightower High School families will need to visit and enter their graduate's student ID. The transaction must be completed by May 21, 2017.  The "hangtag" permits will be distributed to students by HHS staff with distribution details to come.  Note:  The receipt provided through Ticketmaster is NOT a parking permit.  The colors of the physical "hangtag" permits will be different for each FBISD school, and each campus will use a unique link provided by the SFC and Ticketmaster.

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  • HHS Online Payments: Online payments can be made for senior events using the HHS Seniors Group link and for athletics, academies, and parking using the link to the HHS Web Store.  Please see the Quick Links for access.

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  • Summer Reading:  Please see the attached list for High School Summer Reading

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  • FBISD Graduation Online Ticket Reservations 2017Please see the link that follows to the district web page for graduation information resources:  FBISD Graduation Information Page.  Online ticket reservation begins Monday April 3, 2017 and ends Friday April 21, 2017.  A guide for ordering tickets through Skyward is attached:  Online Ticket Order Instructions.

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  • Federal Report Card:  Please see the attached letters concerning the HHS Federal Report Card.  A direct link to the TEA website can be found on the HHS "About Us" page. Federal Report Card Letter (English)  Federal Report Card Letter (Spanish)  

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  • High School Graduation Update 2017:  Please see the attached letter for information regarding the ticketing process for Fort Bend ISD graduation ceremonies at the Smart Financial Center at Sugar Land.  HHS graduation will be held Saturday June 3, 2017 at 10:30 a.m.  Graduation Update Letter 2017

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  • Vehicle Registration:  Students who would like to park a vehicle on the L.V. Hightower High School campus are required to apply for a permit.  The student must complete an application form that can be picked up from office 107. Students also have the option to apply for a permit online through family access.  Students applying for a permit must present a valid driver's license, current proof of insurance, and a license plate number, to be reviewed for permit issuance. Permits cost $35.00.  You must pay in cash if applying in person.  You will need to have a credit card if paying online. Students not in compliance will lose parking privileges, may be stickered, issued a ticket, booted, and may be towed at the owner's expense.  On Monday February 6, 2017, administration will begin enforcement of the student parking rules and regulations.  If a boot or parking ticket is placed on your vehicle for parking violations, or if violations are deemed necessary by the administration, a $40.00 fine will be charged to the student prior to the boot being removed.  Failure to pay will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.  Students must not participate in any type of activity resulting in racing, excessive noise, or dangerous maneuvers.

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  • Reminders from HHS Administration:  Please see the attached letter detailing reminders about student ids, the AdvancED Survey, Tech Ed applications, the HHS Listening Tour, attendance, course selection, spring exam exemptions, and spring GT testing:  Letter to Parents

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  • Senior Parent Documents:  Please see the attached for pricing for Senior Prom packages:  Senior Parent Documents

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  • Spring 2017 Exam Exemptions:  Please see the document that follows for the criteria for Spring exam exemptions.  Students must meet all criteria on the list to be eligible for exemptions.  For exemption purposes only, 3 tardies will equal an absence and 4 absences will disqualify a student from exemption approval.  Final Exam Exemptions Spring 2017

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  • HHS Campus Expectations:

    Good Afternoon Hightower Parents and Guardians,

     In an effort to ensure student success at HHS, we would like for you to discuss the importance of your child adhering to school policy and procedures. We will make an announcement to students January 4, 2017 to reinforce the expectations. Students are expected to arrive to class on time each day. On January 5, 2017, we will begin the enforcement of the school tardy policy.  Failure to meet these expectations regarding arriving to class on time will result in disciplinary action. Students are also expected to be dressed and groomed in a manner that is neat, clean, non-distracting, appropriate, as well as aligned with Fort Bend ISD expectations.  Furthermore, the selling of outside food items on campus is also prohibited. For further information, please see the Parent/Student Supplement located on the Hightower High School webpage.


    At Hightower, we will foster a caring, respectful learning environment conducive to optimal student academic achievement. We want you as a valued stakeholder to take ownership and partner with campus staff. The students of L.V. Hightower High School deserve the BEST and as a school community we must work as a T.E.A.M. to accomplish the goal of academic excellence.

    Thank you,

    HHS Administration

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  • Cell Phone Procedures Adjustment Spring 2017:

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    We want to inform you of an adjustment made to our cell phone procedures. This adjustment takes effect with the start of the spring semester, January 3, 2017. To support our students’ safety, both arriving to school and leaving campus arriving home, we will no longer keep confiscated cell phones overnight. The only exception to this new practice is if a cell phone is part of a larger school investigation.


    We realize that for many families they expect a text or phone call from their child when they arrive at school in the morning and when they arrive at home in the afternoon each day. This change to our cell phone practices is meant to support this communication practice between parent and child and help ensure their safety traveling to and from school. Of course, students are still expected to comply with adult direction and expectations at school regarding when and how they use their cell phones/electronic devices.


    Details on our adjusted procedures regarding cell phones are as follows:

    • To give greater safety to our students, confiscated cell phones will be returned at end of the school day (unless part of a larger investigation)
    • Confiscation is defined as the phone being taken up by an adult and turned into campus administration. A teacher taking up a phone during class and giving it back to the student at the end of the period is not counted as a confiscation.
      • 1st & 2nd confiscation:  $15 fee is not charged, parent is contacted and phone returned to student or parent at the end of the day.
      • 3rd confiscation and all subsequent confiscations:  $15 fee is charged, parent is contacted and phone is returned to student or parent at the end of the day.
      • With the importance of test security on state testing days, any phone confiscated during a state testing administration will have a $15 fee charged regardless of the number of times the student has had a phone confiscated. The phone will be returned at the end of the day unless it is part of a larger investigation.


    If the $15 fee has not been paid when the phone is returned at the end of the day, the campus will add this to the “Fees and Fines list” for the student.


    To ensure consistency across all Fort Bend ISD campuses, we have communicated the new procedures to all our principals and they in turn are communicating the new procedures with their faculty and students at the start of this spring semester. We appreciate your support. If you have any questions, please contact your school administration.

    Thank you,

    Fort Bend ISD

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  • Lunch Delivery at HHS:  Good afternoon Hightower Parents,

    In order to prevent the disruption of the learning environment, we will only allow outside food from parents to be delivered prior to 10:30 a.m.  Any outside food items brought after this time will not be delivered.  Food that comes to the school from an outside vendor will not be delivered to our students.  For example, if Domino's pizza attempts to deliver a pizza to a student, it will not be delivered. 

    Students who leave campus for school approved internships may only bring food back to school for their own personal consumption.

    Please be reminded that Hightower High School is not an open campus; students are NOT allowed to leave campus during lunch.

    Parents who wish to eat in the cafeteria with their child are welcomed; we will provide you with a quiet area in the commons so that you and your child can have an enjoyable meal together.  Please understand that the food you bring cannot be shared with other students.

    Please contact your student's principal if you have any concerns.  Thank you for your assistance. 

    Hightower High School's Administration

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  • Child Nutrition/Free and Reduced Meals:  To receive free or reduced meal prices in the current school year, your child(ren) must have a new, current year's application on file in the Child Nutrition office.  Free and Reduced Meal Application

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