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  • Mr. Thomas M. Amos III, M.S.

    Campus Assessment Coordinator

    Kempner High School



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  • New FBISD Cell Phone Policy for Standardized Testing

    Effective immediately, there is a new Cell Phone Policy in effect in FBISD for State Testing. Please click the link to view.

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  • Edgenuity Online Tutorials Available for STAAR Retesters

    If you are currently in need of a STAAR EOC Retest for the Spring Semester, then you have already been enrolled into the Edgenuity Online EOC Tutorial Program to help you prepare for your retest. You are STRONGLY encouraged to participate. It is free and can be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere you have Internet access, including a cell phone. To get started, go to learn.education2020.com, and click on students. Your username is district\your student ID. For example, "district\123456". Your password is the password you use to logon to the computers at school. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Amos in the testing office in the library. 

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  • 2016-17 Testing Calendar

    This calendar is based on current TEA and FBISD guidelines and can change at any time. Please note that Checkpoint dates represent a window and the assessment will be given on only one of the dates within the window. Please direct all checkpoint exam questions to the student's teacher.



    Fall Test Date(s) Assessment
    September 26-27 English Checkpoint 1 (English I, II, III)
    October 19 PSAT (9th-11th grade)
    October 19-21 English Checkpoint 2 (English I, II, III)
    October 24-25 Math Checkpoint 1 (Geometry, MMA, Algebra II)
    October 26-27 Social Studies Checkpoint 1 (World Geography, World History, U.S. History)
    November 9-10 Science Checkpoint 1 (IPC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    November 15-16 Math Checkpoint 1 (Algebra I, Pre-Calculus)
    November 30-December 2 World Language Common Assessment 1 (Spanish I-III, French I-III)
    December 5 STAAR English I EOC 
    December 6 STAAR Biology EOC
    December 7 STAAR English II EOC
    December 8 STAAR Algebra I EOC
    December 9 STAAR U.S. History EOC


    NOTE: The December EOC administration is only for re-testers and first-time testers who earned course credit prior to December 2016 but did not test during either the spring or summer administration. Students currently enrolled for the first time in an EOC course will test in the spring of 2017.


    Spring Test Date(s) Assessment
    January 17-18 English Checkpoint 3 (English I, II, III)
    January 18-19 Math Checkpoint 2 (MMA, Algebra II)
    January 30-31 Math Checkpoint 2 (Algebra I, Geometry)
    February 1-2 Social Studies Checkpoint 2 (World Geography, World History, U.S. History)
    February 7-9 World Language Common Assessment 2 (Spanish I-III, French I-III)
    February 8-9 Math Checkpoint 2 (Pre-Calculus)
    February 14-15 Science Checkpoint 2 (IPC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    March 6-April 5 TELPAS Window (specific dates TBD)
    March 28 STAAR English I EOC
    March 30 STAAR English II EOC
    April 3-21 STAAR Alt-2 Window
    April 4-6 World Language Common Assessment 3 (Spanish I-III, French I-III)
    April 11-12 Math Checkpoint 3 (Algebra I, Geometry, MMA, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus)
    April 17-18 English Checkpoint 4 (English I, II, III)
    April 19-20 Social Studies Checkpoint 3 (World Geography, World History, U.S. History)
    May 1 STAAR Biology EOC
    May 2 STAAR Algebra EOC
    May 3 STAAR U.S. History EOC
    May 1-12 AP Exam Window 
    May 16-17 Science Checkpoint 3 (IPC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)


    Summer Test Date(s) Assessment
    June 19 STAAR English I EOC
    June 20 STAAR Biology EOC
    June 21 STAAR English II EOC
    June 22 STAAR Algebra I EOC
    June 23 STAAR U.S. History EOC

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